Thanks for the visit

On Satuday at the Engineering Month Public Display we had a primo location to promote the hobby of radio controlled cars to the public. Right in the front window of the Halifax Central Library. Lots of people mentioned that they only dropped in because they saw the cars through the front window – we then had to let them know that there was much more STEM related stuff for youngsters further into the building.


The general message was that people had no idea that this hobby existed so we told them the basics, what the starting budget might be, and where they can do it. I think most everyone was impressed with the variety and lived the chance to test a couple of micro touring cars – including lap timing!


Got those of you we talked to, there’s a beginner’s section over here  (also accessible from the menu system) that should give you a good foundation when you visit a hobby shop or consider your purchases online. Or if you have questions then shoot us an email at

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