Bashers / Fun

The term “bashing” is an RC slang term used to describe when you’re using your RC to rip around doing jumps, wheelies, or donuts!  It’s not an organized event like racing – it’s just going out with your RC and doing whatever you want!  The term “basher” is used to describe the kind of RC used for bashing.

In theory, you can bash with any and every RC car.  However, because bashing is such a popular form of RC, there are many RCs focused on bashing.  RC vehicles designed for bashing are usually off-road vehicles.  In fact, the most common type of basher is the monster truck, as their large tires and long travel suspension allow them to mow down the roughest terrain and biggest jumps.

Bashers are designed and built to be tough.  Manufacturers know that bashers will see a lot of abuse.  There will inevitably be big crashes with the dare-devil style of driving that typifies bashing.

Some of the RC manufacturers that make bashing vehicles, and some of their bashing models are:

Traxxas – – Stampede 2wd, Stampede 4×4, E-maxx, E-Revo

ECX – – Ruckus (2WD or 4WD), AMP Desert Buggy, AMP 2WD Monster Truck

Tamiya – – WT01, CW01, WR02

2wd Stampede

 Traxxas Stampede 2WD

Brushless E-Maxx

Traxxas E-Maxx Catching Air!

ECX Ruckus

ECX Ruckus

ECX AMP Desert Buggy

ECX AMP Desert Buggy

Tamiya WT01

Tamiya WT01 – Blackfoot III

Tamiya CW01

Tamiya CW01 – Lunch Box

Check out some bashing videos below:

A great website that really emphasizes bashing and bash RC vehicles is Big Squid RC: