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Shearwater Spring Hobby Show April 8/9 – Come see some R/C cars

If you’re scratching around for something to do this weekend then how about coming along to the Shearwater Spring Hobby Show on Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th April (this coming weekend). We’ll be there with lots of cars and trucks to see, along with a few smaller ones to try for yourself. A few more details on our post from a few weeks back.


RC Cars at Shearwater Spring Hobby Show – April 8th and 9th 2017

Halifax RC Park will be joined by the Halifax RC Drifters and some trail truck guys at our annual stand at this years Shearwater Aviation Museum Hobby Show. You’ll be able to see a wide variety of RC vehicles, and we’ll again have some mini-trucks for you to try. On the Sunday morning (10am-12noon) there are plans afoot for a larger indoor RC demonstration  where we’ll have a track setup on a carpeted area (postponed until 2018 – we’ve been promised!). Come and say hi and look over the wide variety of vehicle types making up this fun and lifelong hobby.

The show is located at the SeaKing Club within Shearwater Base. You’ll need ID to get through the main gates on Bonaventure Street (the same street as Shearwater Aviation Museum). Opening hours are 10-4pm Saturday and Sunday. It’s $5 per person or $12 for a family of 4. Tickets also give you access to the Aviation Museum which is a great walk around. Details from the Aviation Museum here. Exact Google maps location of the SeaKing club is here.

Don’t forget we’re also at the Halifax Public Library tomorrow (9:30am-2pm March 25th 2017) with a display of all sorts of RC cars.

CAMix Auto Show review

The Halifax RC Drifters (HRCD) shared their RC demonstration area with a few of us from the Halifax RC Park society. We all had a great time talking to you about the RC hobby and we hope you’ve found your way here to our website which has some great information for beginners in our menus above. Below are a few photos from the show and the HRCD crew have more photos on their Facebook group.

Halifax RC Park with HRCD at the CAMix Auto Show (lifesize cars!) on Sunday


The guys at Halifax RC Drifters are again putting on a dynamic display of drifting at the full-size CAMix auto show in Dartmouth at the weekend (Sunday 21st August 2016 from 11-4pm). A few of us from Halifax RC Park will also be there at A&W Woodside in Dartmouth with an assortment of RC vehicles on display and to answer any questions you might have about the hobby. The CAMix show is free to attend but money is being raised for the Christmas Daddies charity.

Click the image to link to

We had fun at the library

Just a quick note of thanks to those of you that foregoed the amazing weather yesterday to stop by the Keshen Goodman Public Library to say hi to us. The guys from the Tamiya Crew had fun and we hope those of you that did visit managed to take a good and detailed look at all sorts of RC cars we had on display, or managed to see the drift cars running outside. We know we’ve got some of you thinking about a new RC car! Those of you that didn’t make it out we hope at least had some RC fun outside, and we ourselves were itching to hit the trails and tracks afterwards.

Check out some photos of our display below:

library1 library7 library6 library5 library4 library3

Reminder: FREE RC Information Event this weekend (18th June 12-4pm)

Don’t forget to bring dad (or the kids – if you’re a dad) to our free event on Saturday 18th June at the Keshen Goodman Public Library. Come and see modern and vintage RC vehicles from all disciplines and chat to some experience hobbyists about this fun, educational, and all-inclusive hobby!

More details here:


Details of FREE RC event at the Keshen Goodman Library on June 18th

RC and Fathers Day weekend go hand in hand. Why not bring Dad and/or the children along to a free RC event at the Keshen Goodman Library on Saturday June 18th (map here). We’ll be there along with others from the RC community from noon until 4pm with lots of different sorts of RC cars on display including:

Come and meet some other RC enthusiasts, chat about the local scene of the RC car hobby, or just talk generally about RC. The library will also be open as usual.

See you all there.

(and don’t forget Sackville RC are at the Halifax RC Park this coming weekend – June 11th)


FREE RC Promotion Event – June 18th, Keshen Goodman Library, Halifax

Looking for something to do with dad for Fathers Day weekend? Well how about coming to find out all about RC cars at the Keshen Goodman Library in Halifax on June 18th from 12-4pm. We’ll be easily visible with lots of different types of RC cars on display and a demonstration area with moving vehicles. We’ll have more details closer to the time but save the date – JUNE 18th.

The Keshen Goodman Library is here at 330 Lacewood Drive.


RC for everybody this weeked

Lets hope the weather holds this weekend as there’s a lot of local RC groups with fun events planned. Spectators and newcomers are welcome at all of them but contact the organizers if you have any questions.

Friday 27th May – 6pm. The Halifax RC Drifters will be out at the parking lot behind H&R Block on Joseph Howe Drive. The parking lot is nice and flat, open with very few obstacles to hit which makes it a great location for those who’ve never RC drifted before. As the sun sets in the sky, the relistic headlights really make for a good spectacle. All the details here on Facebook:


Saturday 28th May – 11am. The Vintage RC Halifax group are running the first event for vintage RCs expertly called “Brittle Plastic”. Those of us with older R cars know all about what that means. Vintage typically means something over 15 years old – but most slower RC vehicles are welcome as the track is nice and cosy at the Full Gospel Church on Larry Utek/Hammonds Plains Road. More details here on Facebook:

vintage_brittle Plastic

Sunday 29th May – 2pm.  The Tamiya Crew are hosting “RC Aces High” typically for Tamiya cars but open to everyone. Again play-racing will take place at the small off-road track at the Full Gospel Church on Larry Utek/Hammonds Plains Road so no need for high voltage high powered RC machines. More info on Facebook: These guys are also growing a great beginner race series using box-stock self-build Tamiya TT02B 4WD buggies. If anyone is even remotely considering getting into off-road RC racing, this is a great starting point. More information about Formula TT02B here:



2016 Spring Hobby Show review

Those of us that manned the HRCP stand at the Shearwater Aviation Museum Spring Hobby Show had a great time showing and talking about our RC cars, and we hope that all visitors had fun time trying our micro-sized Short Course Trucks. We’d also like to thank the guys from Halifax RC Drifters and the East Coast Adventure Series for joining us and showing off their unique disciplines of RC vehicles.

We’re already thinking about next year and how we can make our stand bigger, better and more dynamic.

Have a look at a few photos from the show below.

IMG_4037image3 DSC_2653

hobbyshowdrift DSC_2655 DSC_2654