On-Road Racing



Just like any sort of RC racing, On-Road racing can be a huge amount of fun. On-Road cars look a lot more like most of the full-scale circuit racing vehicles you see on TV. And pretty much every car you see in full-scale racing is available as an RC versions somewhere….including the motorcycles, and sidecars!

A Track

Unlike Off-Road vehicles which can run on many surfaces, On-Road cars, with their low ride heights are limited by the surfaces on which they can race. Typically, race tracks for On-Road cars are flat paving (outdoor) or carpet (indoor).


Rubber and foam tires

Race Classes

1/12 2wd Pan

1/10 4WD touring electic and nitro (190mm and 200mm width)

1/10 2wd F1

1/18 2wd pan

1/8 4wd nitro

oval racing – dirt oval